Icons of Gin, World Gin Awards and Gin Magazine Hall of Fame 2021 Announced in Online Presentation

The best and brightest in the world of gin have been commended in the Gin Magazine Awards 2021. For the first time the awards – presented by Gin Magazine – were announced virtually, in a broadcast streamed on the Gin Magazine Facebook page. Comprising three parts, the Gin Magazine Awards are designed to commend theContinue reading “Icons of Gin, World Gin Awards and Gin Magazine Hall of Fame 2021 Announced in Online Presentation”

National Galleries of Scotland Propose National Art Club Led by Young People

National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) is putting out an appeal to teachers in Scottish schools for help in setting up a national Art Club. They are asking if teachers or pupils have a curiosity about art and want to develop skills in either making or talking about art to get involved. Art Club will beContinue reading “National Galleries of Scotland Propose National Art Club Led by Young People”

Scottish Based Artists Create Festive Charity Cards with Thou Art Viable

Three dynamic women working in Scotland’s PR business – Michelle Mangan, the  eponymous Director of  her  Communications and PR company; Miriam Attwood, Director of Storytelling PR Ltd, and Sharon McHendry Director of SM Publicity – have come up with a idea to highlight the plight of artists during the pandemic. The idea, that goes byContinue reading “Scottish Based Artists Create Festive Charity Cards with Thou Art Viable”

Les Eblouis (The Dazzled) French Film Festival at Home

Things being as they are, film festivals face disruption as cinemas open or close in line with government policy to combat the virus. The French Film Festival, which is UK wide, probably faces more problems than most. However, they have programmed a festival within the festival – fff@home allows you to stream a fine selectionContinue reading “Les Eblouis (The Dazzled) French Film Festival at Home”

Tattie Themed Outdoor, Family-Friendly Event Announced in Glasgow

A project from Glasgow artists Angus Farquhar and Rudy Kanhye, with the intriguing title of An Empty Gunny Bag Cannot Stand,comes to a conclusion at the end of September with a free outdoor event going by the name of The Harvest. Presented by Aproxima Arts and SWG3 on 30 September, and aimed at bringing peopleContinue reading “Tattie Themed Outdoor, Family-Friendly Event Announced in Glasgow”

Grid Iron’s Doppler Shifts to Digital

In a recent article, Radio Summerhall Arts revealed that Edinburgh-based theatre company Grid Iron was planning an outdoor show this August. That news has now changed with Grid Iron’s announcement that the latest production in question, Doppler, will be shared with audiences digitally rather than as the live, outdoor show that was planned. Chief ExecutiveContinue reading “Grid Iron’s Doppler Shifts to Digital”

Digital Edition of Edinburgh International Culture Summit Announced

The future survival and sustainability of the arts and cultural sector will be the key areas to be urgently addressed at the Edinburgh International Culture Summit to be held on August 22, 2020. Featuring key names from across the arts, culture and political spheres, the Summit will consider ideas and perspectives embedded in our culturesContinue reading “Digital Edition of Edinburgh International Culture Summit Announced”

Summerhall’s Royal Dick Bar Now Open 7 Days a Week

Last month, Summerhall’s courtyard, that features the popular The Royal Dick bar, opened in line with Scotland’s phase three of lockdown. The advance booking system is in full swing and dealing with high demand by extending the opening hours to now make them open every day, Monday to Sunday from 2pm till 10pm.  This wouldContinue reading “Summerhall’s Royal Dick Bar Now Open 7 Days a Week”

Summerhall Courtyard Opens Again!

Many of you will know that Summerhall’s Courtyard is a year round hub for patrons of The Royal Dick bar and the centre point of the theatre communities during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe so it is truly good news to know that Monday 13 July 2020 sees it’s re-opening.  As Scotland moves into phase threeContinue reading “Summerhall Courtyard Opens Again!”

Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2020

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit, delivered in partnership by the British Council, Scottish Government, UK Government, the Scottish Parliament and the Edinburgh International Festival, normally welcomes people from around the world to the Scottish Parliament in August, to chime with the Edinburgh Festivals. The current  crisis dictates that it cannot be presented in that formatContinue reading “Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2020”