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Celebration of Edinburgh Women Across the Years This International Women’s Day

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh curators have taken the opportunity to shine a light on a selection of outstanding women from Edinburgh’s past.   Five pioneering women, whose lives are reflected in the city’s history collections, have been chosen. The respective choices of History Curators Victoria Garrington and  AnnaContinue reading “Celebration of Edinburgh Women Across the Years This International Women’s Day”

Starcatchers, Imaginate and Lyra Join up for New Children’s Creative Programme

Three of Scotland’s arts organisations that create work for children and young people, Starcatchers, Imaginate and Lyra, have come together to deliver a programme of artistic activity entitled Where We Are that will be co-designed with children and young people across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife. In response to the current shortfall of creative opportunities forContinue reading “Starcatchers, Imaginate and Lyra Join up for New Children’s Creative Programme”

The Translators

Translators are rarely given credit for their work so generally live in a world of relative anonymity. Yet where would we be without their prized skills? Whole worlds of literature and film would be lost to readers and cinema goers. One of the accolades given to best-selling books is the numbers of languages they’ve beenContinue reading “The Translators”

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