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October 2021 Sees Return of Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Scottish International Storytelling Festival (SISF) is organised by Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS), and has been taking place annually in Autumn since 1989.   This year, it returns with an eclectic mix of online events that will beam across the globe along with small-scale face-to-face events. This year’s festival invites audiences to imagine something differentContinue reading “October 2021 Sees Return of Scottish International Storytelling Festival”

Dundee’s 3m Mixtape Meets the Legendary Boy George This July

3M Mixtape is a series of 12 music sessions, masterminded by actors Dawn Sievewright and John McLarnon in creative collaboration with Dundee Rep’s Artistic Director Andrew Panton, that is filmed live and released weekly on Dundee Rep’s YouTube channel. The result is a celebration of the best music talent in Scotland while offering a fascinating glimpse into the lives of theContinue reading “Dundee’s 3m Mixtape Meets the Legendary Boy George This July”

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