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Fringe Society Launches Fringe Days Out for Its Fifth Year

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has for the fifth year launched its flagship community engagement programme, Fringe Days Out that has seen nearly 10,000 people participate since starting as a pilot programme in 2017 to mark the Festival’s 70th anniversary. Fringe Days Out involves partnerships with 33 schools, community groups, charities and organisations around Edinburgh, and provides FringeContinue reading “Fringe Society Launches Fringe Days Out for Its Fifth Year”

Mount Stuart Trust to Host Exhibition by Iranian Artist Abbas Akhavan

Mount Stuart is a Neo-Gothic mansion on the Isle of Bute, on the Firth of Clyde. Since 2001, this magnificent building has provided both the inspiration and location for an acclaimed Contemporary Visual Arts Programme. The Programme enables the Trust to promote and facilitate interest in the contemporary visual arts and bring exhibitions of internationalContinue reading “Mount Stuart Trust to Host Exhibition by Iranian Artist Abbas Akhavan”

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