Rapture Theatre in Quarantine

Since the start of lockdown, Glasgow based theatre company Rapture has been broadcasting a variety of short pieces entitled Rapture Mini Bites from actors who have been involved with the Company. Fridays during the month of June continued to give the pleasant surprise of these brief wee gems introduced by artistic director Michael Emans. OnContinue reading “Rapture Theatre in Quarantine”

Leith’s Citadel Arts Group Goes Virtual

Citadel Arts is a group operating in Leith and working with people of all ages to create theatre with particular attention to older writers. Proving that not all oldies are technophobes, Citadel Arts Group plan to use the app Zoom to continue to connect with their loyal audiences. With the annual Leith Festival not goingContinue reading “Leith’s Citadel Arts Group Goes Virtual”

Arusha Gallery Reverts from Virtual to Reality

During the Coronavirus pandemic, like so many places, the Arusha Gallery in the New Town, that runs a yearly programme of exhibitions and events, closed. Throughout lockdown, the gallery has continued its exhibition programme using online viewing rooms where its current exhibition Ilona Szalay’s Some Are Born to Sweet Delight, Some Are Born to EndlessContinue reading “Arusha Gallery Reverts from Virtual to Reality”

New Monthly Drive-In Movies Event at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh International Film Festival and Unique Events, the team behind the capital’s successful ‘Film Fest in the City’ outdoor cinema events have teamed up with Edinburgh Airport to produce a new monthly event for cinema fans throughout the rest of 2020. From Wednesday 8 July those who have registered online at http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk will be theContinue reading “New Monthly Drive-In Movies Event at Edinburgh Airport”

Dovecot Campaign Casts Light on Scottish Weaver

Archie Brennan was a tapestry weaver born in Roslin in 1931. He began his 60-year weaving career at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh as an apprentice before becoming Artistic Director of the organisation. During his career, he established graduate and post-graduate courses in weaving and fibre art at Edinburgh College of Art, and was instrumental in foundingContinue reading “Dovecot Campaign Casts Light on Scottish Weaver”

Stories to Connect Us from Wonder Fools

Like so many other members of the theatre community, Glasgow company Wonder Fools is re-thinking their programme for a new way of working during the pandemic. This week they announce five projects under the name of Stories to Connect Us which is a season of digital work containing three new pieces of storytelling entitled SecretContinue reading “Stories to Connect Us from Wonder Fools”