The Enemy (L’Ennemi) (15)            French Film Festival

Stephan Streker’s engrossing thriller (based, I understand, on a real life case from a few years back) captures the imagination from the start and keeps us guessing even as the final credits roll. A well-known politician, Louis Durieux (Jeremie Renier) wakes up in his hotel suite after a wild night out with his wife MaevaContinue reading “The Enemy (L’Ennemi) (15)            French Film Festival”

Margaux Hartmann (L’Etreinte) (15)         French Film Festival

Middle aged and recently widowed, Margaux (Emmanuelle Beart) moves to France from Germany to enrol in a Masters programme while house-sharing with her half-sister. Although quiet and reserved, she is befriended by a group of her fellow students who coax her, in spite of her reluctance, to join them in a study group and inContinue reading “Margaux Hartmann (L’Etreinte) (15)         French Film Festival”

French Tech (Les 2 Alfred) (12)      French Film Festival

This year’s French Film Festival has provided a number of gems, and this charming film from director Bruno Podalydes is one of the most enjoyable yet. A tale of the attempts of two characters struggling to get to grips with a world of fast moving technology that regularly seems about to overwhelm them is anContinue reading “French Tech (Les 2 Alfred) (12)      French Film Festival”

My Father’s Stories   French Film Festival

The 2015 novel, Professions du père by Sorj Chalandon, is the inspiration for this latest film, whose French title is the same as the book’s, from director Jean-Pierre Améris. Evocatively shot in the city of Lyon in eye pleasing colours but with the authentic 40 watt bulb look in domestic scenes of the ‘60s eraContinue reading “My Father’s Stories   French Film Festival”

The Speech (15)         French Film Festival

Laurent Tirard’s lightness of touch allied to his deft interpretation of Fabrice Caro’s novel turns what had all the makings of a potential disaster into an extremely witty triumph. A stream of consciousness delivery from the central character, who repeatedly brings the action to a halt while he breaks the fourth wall in order toContinue reading “The Speech (15)         French Film Festival”

Snowglobes    French Film Festival

This is the time of year when snowglobes, these glass spheres that, with the twist of the hand, a flick of the wrist, create a scene showered with snow making a magical miniature world, are on sale. Director and French independent filmmaker Yannik Ruault, who also appears in the film as Handy, has chosen theContinue reading “Snowglobes    French Film Festival”

The 29th French Film Festival UK Adds Online Section

The organisers of the French Film Festival UK are delighted to reveal an exciting new edition of the online programme under its fff@home umbrella, which will run from Friday 3 to Sunday 12 December. The nine days of online screenings are organised in collaboration with INDEE+. Programmers have curated an exciting selection of titles, including several UK premieres and a classicContinue reading “The 29th French Film Festival UK Adds Online Section”

A Tale of Love and Desire               French Film Festival

Not just a tale of love and desire, but of first love, that so many of us experience as something that remains in the memory, however fleeting it may have been. Leyla Bouzid’s tender, sensitive film lingers in the memory, too. When Ahmed (Sami Outabali) meets Farah (Zbeida Belhajamor) in class in the Sorbonne theirContinue reading “A Tale of Love and Desire               French Film Festival”

Film’s 75th Anniversary Marked with New Version for Hearing and Visually Impaired

Frank Capra’s 1946 film, It’s a Wonderful Life, that has become a classic of Christmas viewing, has the 75th anniversary of its release marked with the creation of a brand-new accessible 4K DCP version. This innovative and inclusive move from Filmhouse Cinemas and Park Circus will enable hearing and visually impaired audiences across the UKContinue reading “Film’s 75th Anniversary Marked with New Version for Hearing and Visually Impaired”

Eugenie Grandet (12)           French Film Festival

Director Marc Dugain has triumphed twice here – his exquisite film is both a wonderful cinematic experience and a lesson on the dubious morality of loving money for its own sake, and placing wealth above family. Balzac’s story of Felix Grandet (Olivier Gourmet), whose unscrupulous business dealings have amassed him a vast fortune – aContinue reading “Eugenie Grandet (12)           French Film Festival”