Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh Returns with In Person and Digital Screenings

The Taiwan Film Festival returns to shine a light on the little-known gems of Taiwanese cinema of 20th and 21st century with in-person and digital screenings. Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh returns for its second edition between 25 and 31 October with a fantastic range of Taiwanese cinema gems, many of them UK premieres, dating from the 1930s up toContinue reading “Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh Returns with In Person and Digital Screenings”

Ane Is Missing (15)    Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival, David Perez Sanudo’s debut feature had a number of nominations for the 2021 Goya Awards, and scooped up three of the main awards – Best Lead Actress (Patricia Lopez Arnaiz); Best New Actress (Jone Laspiur); Best Adapted Screenplay (David Perez Sanudo & MarinaContinue reading “Ane Is Missing (15)    Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival”

One Careful Owner (15)       Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

Seville is the setting for this light hearted comedy that has intergenerational sorority at its heart. Sara (Juana Acosta) is a beautiful woman in her late thirties and a high flyer in an insurance company, who casts a calculating eye over her work and her life. Her tightly pulled back hair is highly symbolic ofContinue reading “One Careful Owner (15)       Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival”

Joker – Live In Concert Arrives in Scotland

This October, two major venues in Scotland, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, will play host to the screening of Director Todd Phillips award-winning film Joker to the accompaniment of a live orchestra.  Director Todd Phillips said “I speak for the entire Joker team when I say how thrilled we are to be working withContinue reading “Joker – Live In Concert Arrives in Scotland”

Scottish Opera Launches Online Project for Long Covid Sufferers

This October, Scottish Opera (SO) launches a new project named Breath Cycle that’s aimed at benefiting those suffering from a range of conditions affecting lung health, in particular Long Covid. During a series of relaxed weekly sessions, a team of musicians from SO will work with participants introducing them to songs, vocal exercises and breathingContinue reading “Scottish Opera Launches Online Project for Long Covid Sufferers”

Edinburgh Poet Ken Cockburn Set to Launch New Collection

Ken Cockburn is a well-established poet on the Edinburgh scene. In recent years  he has spread his wings by leading Old Town walking tours that took in world-famous landmarks and hidden spaces, with the added bonus of  poems from weel kent names,  as well as some of his own work, being read along the way.Continue reading “Edinburgh Poet Ken Cockburn Set to Launch New Collection”

October House Records Launches

October House Records, founded by Colin Alexander, launches fully on 1 October 2021 with 9 new albums and projects and will run as both a record label and a paid-for subscription streaming and download platform offering a diverse range of material released by its artists, including audio, audio-visual and sheet music and scores. OHR is dedicated to providing artists withContinue reading “October House Records Launches”

Back of the Net Tribute to Fitba Legend Rose Reilly

Rose Reilly may be a name that trips easily off the tongue of many Scottish football fans but while the rest of the populace may have heard of  her male counterparts who were   giants in the game, this Scottish Amazon of fitba is disgracefully less well known. That imbalance was redressed somewhat when BBC AlbaContinue reading “Back of the Net Tribute to Fitba Legend Rose Reilly”

Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival Returns for Its 8th Edition

The Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival welcomes film fans to its 8th Edition. The festival is delighted to be back in the cinema and offer audiences a new hybrid event of both in-person and online screenings and events featuring a total of 21 feature films and 8 short films in Spanish over the month of October. The 2021 festival hasContinue reading “Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival Returns for Its 8th Edition”