Causey Development Trust Announces Event Between Artists and School Pupils

This February the Causey Development Trust (CDT), a grassroots organisation founded in 2007 by local architect the late Alison Blamire, will host a one-off event and community art installation inspired by local school children that will see artworks animated and projected across the historic buildings of South Edinburgh.

Taking place on Tuesday 28th February, the event is the culmination of a community art project carried out by CDT steering group members Kate Leiper (artist and illustrator) and Robert Motyka (projection artist) in conjunction with Preston Street Primary School. The free event, is in collaboration with the Southside Community Centre and suitable of all ages.

‘Where will the Flight take Us’ will take place from 7.30pm at The Causey, an area at the junction of West Crosscauseway and Chapel Street which, thanks to years of campaigning and grassroots engagement, CDT hope will soon be transformed into a place that makes walking and cycling easier, prioritise people over vehicles, and allows for the creation of a new communal space.

Inspired by the meaning of birds, both real and imaginary, Preston Street Primary School children worked with their teachers and Kate to put their ideas onto paper, both in the form of words and drawings. These images, collated by Kate and digitised by Robert, will appear brightly strewn across the Causey on 28th February accompanied by a specially created soundscape.

Local artist, illustrator and steering group member, Kate Leiper said “It was an absolute pleasure and honour to work with these young people and I hope that by taking part and contributing each child had a sense of being appreciated. I also hope that when they see their work projected on the walls and buildings that comprise their own neighbourhood – with the community, their family and friends gathered to see it –that each and every one of them feel celebrated. The past few years have been tough, obviously with Covid and lockdown, and it’s our hope that the children would feel that they are being embraced by their community and that the project will leave a lasting memory to be treasured.”

After years of consultation and campaigning CDT announced in 2022 that a Traffic Regulation Order and Roads Determination Order promoted by City of Edinburgh Council had been confirmed. This means at the junction of West Crosscauseway and Chapel Street the traffic flow will be reversed and parking bays removed to make walking and cycling easier and prioritise people over vehicles, whilst also allowing for the creation of a new communal space.

CDT is run by volunteers and they can be found on a Saturday on the traffic island at The Causey for their weekly ‘sit oots,’ that are also enjoyed by Kate and Robert, and planter caring sessions.

Irene Brown

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