Sculpture Skills Encouraged by Fruitmarket Gallery for New Online Exhibition   

Heads Up! is a new project devised by London based artist Daniel Silver that invites people of all ages to make three sculpted heads using dough or modelling clay, with results to be showcased in an online exhibition hosted by Fruitmarket. The heads can be made from anything from playdoh; modelling clay; modelling icing sugar or even a simple dough made from flour, salt and water.

Daniel Silver said “We know that our brain tells our hands how to move, but the hands have the intelligence. The idea of this activity is to allow this to happen. It started as a workshop about making three heads in clay. One of them will be with a face looking out. Second will be blindfolded and the third will be working with a mirror to create a head in your own image.

Probably around 20 years ago, I was teaching in an art school, and I kind of felt that the students weren’t working enough with their hands. So I introduced a workshop around perception, around visual intelligence to do with making. And this idea evolved from the three heads. Sometimes you see really extraordinary things that people make, they just have this ability to explore and imagine and make things which are really special.”

Heads Up! is created by Fruitmarket with artists Hannah Ayre and Khadea Kuchenmeister who will lead a  series of in person clay workshops over the summer. Fruitmarket’s engagement programme is focused on head making, with artist-led workshops for nurseries, schools, young people and community groups as well as these sessions for adults.

Fruitmarket Director Fiona Bradley said “Visitors to Daniel’s exhibition Looking have been captivated by the rows of busts looking out from the gallery and inspired by this work we wanted to share the simple pleasure of sculpting, making it as easy to do and accessible as possible. The aim of the process is not to create the perfect sculpture but to get comfortable working with our hands and seeing what they create. Using your sense of touch, you are invited to experiment with different ways of studying and representing your head, encouraging you to think about how you see yourself from outside and in. We look forward to showcasing the works made by people of all ages over the summer.”

Participants are encouraged to send photos of their heads to be included on, and in digital form at the Heads Up! exhibition at Fruitmarket that runs  from 1st to 9th October 2022.

For more information and to watch a video on how to make a salt dough and create your three heads visit

Irene Brown

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