Scottish Theatre Company SUPERFAN Tours Scotland with Stuntman this Autumn

Scottish theatre company SUPERFAN, that was the 2021 Company-in-residence at the National Theatre of Scotland, is touring Scotland this Autumn with their new production of Stuntman, a physical performance by two men exploring the relationships between violence and masculinity through stunts and satire. Taking inspiration from classic and contemporary action movies such as Die HardandJohn Wick to create high-octane and sometimes ridiculous fight scenes, Stuntman examines the impact that  action-hero role models has on men and boys.

A film set-inspired design by Rachel O’Neill, with sound by Richy Carey and lights from Michaella Fee, lets the audience experience the excitement of heightened, cartoonish fights and draw them into the performers’ personal stories of their experience with violence and aggression. Using theatrics, performers David Banks and Sadiq Ali introduce an up-close and personal look into their lives in an intensely physical and tender duet from men who wrestle with their relationship to violence – both onscreen and off.

In an intimate yet explosive duo performance juxtaposes the anger, rage, and hype that men can feel on the brink of a fight with the calm softness and tenderness of not wishing to be violent. Exploring both the heightened expectations and gentleness in human nature and masculinity, Stuntman provides the grey area and internal battle presented.

Director Pete Lannon says “I’m really excited for audiences to see this new version of the show, after our 2020 tour being cancelled. The themes at the heart of it, of the complicated and painful relationships men have with violence, feel like they’ve only become more relevant in the last couple of years. I hope that we can invite people to think about it from a slightly different perspective, and also have some fun – there’s a lot of joyful silliness in the show too.”

Stuntman runs from Friday 23rd September – Saturday 15th October 2022 with the tour starting in Glasgow, before going to Mull, Greenock, Aberdeen and Edinburgh with other locations in between.

Full details of this collaboration between Ellie Dubois, Kim Donohoe and Pete Lannon are available at

Running time 60mins and age recommend 14+

Irene Brown

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