Iranian Artist Mohammad Barrangi Brings Exhibition to Edinburgh Printmakers 

Edinburgh Printmakers announce the first solo exhibition in Scotland, entitled Anything is Possible,by award winning Iranian artist and illustrator Mohammad Barrangi. Using a unique printmaking process on paper his works,  inspired by ancient Persian storytelling, range between small scale pieces and large murals and for the first time he will take some of his characters from the walls and represent them as free standing structures in the gallery space.

Barrangi, who was born in Rasht, Iran without the use of his left arm, is both an artist and medal winning international athlete, having represented Iran as a sprinter in the Paralympics. Now based in Leeds, he lies on the floor using  his feet to steady his work, that often show images of people with lost limbs or other disabilities as well images of women  he admires.

Using contemporary printmaking techniques, along with traditional calligraphy and handmade paper practices, Barrangi’s finished works emulate ancient manuscripts in both colour and texture. Barrangi begins his work with ink drawings of animal and human figures, digitising each so he can repeat the images and vary their scale.

In another first for Barrangi, he will be creating artworks on a poppy roll, a heavy fabric scroll similar to the papyrus used in Egypt and printed at the Centre for Advanced Textiles at Glasgow School of Art.

Mohammad Barrangi said I always say I live in a wonderland where anything is possible. You do not need a passport to travel to my world. Everyone lives in a common world and a land. In my world, animals talk. Humans and animals have one nature – a combination of human and animal. And in my world, all heroes are women. I like to depict images of my mother, exiled Iranian queens or just friends who mean a lot to me. I will often combine them with animals or mythical creatures, as my work often focuses on journeys and travelling and immigration. Sometimes I combine elements from classical Western paintings with Eastern stories or imagery.

My work ultimately shapes me and my feelings and my view of the community around me so while every exhibition is different it comes from my own innermost feelings. Every exhibition I like to try new methods and new work. Of course there is a risk, but for me it is a challenge.”

Mohammad Barrangi is the first artist in residence at Edinburgh Printmakers of a new pan European three year art project called In from the Marginsthat is funded by Creative Europe. Throughout the residency programme, Edinburgh Printmakers will welcome refugee and migrant communities to the studios to engage with resident artists, share their own stories and create new work which will be shared between project members and the wider visual arts community in Europe. The programme will culminate in a group exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers in spring 2023.

Mohammad Barrangi: Anything is Possible           21st January – 27th March 2022

Gallery 1, Edinburgh Printmakers, Castle Mills 1 Dundee Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9FP

Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm

Irene Brown

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