Real Time Livestream from Rambert This September

World famous dance company Rambert brings their fourth livestreamed dance event from their London home on the Southbank from 16th to 18th September 2021. Created by Rambert’s Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer, Note to Self is a made-for-film event that will be performed by dancers from Rambert2, the Company’s outstanding early career arm that is currently made up of 11 dancers. The performance will be hosted on the company’s cross-platform web app Rambert Home Studio launched in September 2020 and will be available to view in real time.

Benoit Swan Pouffer comments “Note To Self is about memory but it is also about resilience and acceptance. When memories are lost or fragmentary, our imaginations step in with constructions that feel just as real as those which were lost. The world is part invention, part reality for Eve and we experience both her external relationship with the world as well as her interior consciousness. I wanted to capture the kind of heightened, fantastical reality that both memory and imagination can conjure and bring this to life.”

Benoit Swan now takes this opportunity to expand the frontiers of real-time performance and create for this exciting new medium exploring the opportunities afforded by cinematography. Roaming live, the piece will utilise the different spaces in the Rambert building. As part of his research for the piece, Benoit Swan Pouffer discussed the complexities of the human memory with neuroscientist Crawford Winlove.

Rambert aims to inspire and engage as many people as possible. In offering both two in-theatre tours and a comprehensive livestream programme of new work for 2021, Rambert offers audiences a variety of ways to experience thrilling live performance wherever they are in the UK or around the world.

This is a real-time, ticketed performance and will only be viewable live on Rambert Home Studio at the exact time it is being performed and streamed.  These times are:

Thursday 16th September 3pm BST

Friday 17th September 8pm BST

Saturday 18th September 8pm BST

Booking available at Festival Theatre (Online) and via

Box Office on  0131 529 6000

Irene Brown

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