Edinburgh Science Charity Launches NetZero Toolkit for UK Businesses

Edinburgh Science, the educational charity known for their schools learning programme, environmental business to business work and the annual Science Festival,   is determined to show leadership in the face of the global climate emergency. To do so, it is launching NetZero Toolkit.

Born out of discussions at Climate Opportunity Ideas Factory, a series of roundtable meetings for cross sectoral leaders organised by Edinburgh Science, NetZero Toolkit is a comprehensive and scientific eight-step toolkit that will guide every organisation to make their commitment, set targets and begin to make meaningful changes that will get their business on the road to net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The Toolkit can be successfully used by a business of any size, from individual micro-businesses to multinationals, but is specifically aimed at small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) which make up more than 90% of UK business and employ around two thirds of the UK workforce. NetZero Toolkit supports them to take action and to play their part in achieving these targets as their commitment is key to the success.

Showing his support for this new initiative, High Level Climate Action Champion for UN climate talks, COP26, Nigel Topping said “It’s great to see the launch of this toolkit to support SMEs in taking climate action. We need businesses of all sizes learning how they can decarbonise, setting credible targets for their businesses and taking immediate action to implement those plans.”

The idea for the Toolkit came from Baillie Gifford who commissioned Edinburgh Science to develop it through collaboration between business leaders, policy makers and scientists. It directs SMEs to create an account which sets them on the path to eight comprehensive questions about their business as it currently stands, their plan to make changes in eight strategic areas and their commitment to making these measurable and achievable changes on a timeline set to their own individual needs. Their own answers are what provides them with a Toolkit, an organised and strategic approach to achieving net zero carbon emissions. Nobody can achieve net zero overnight but the Toolkit offers a free and easy pathway to get to net zero carbon emissions quickly and efficiently and futureproof not only our businesses and cities, but our world for generations to come.

Chair of Baillie Gifford’s environmental sponsorship,  Diane Esson, said “We realised there was a real need for collated information and resources, without agenda, to aid carbon footprint calculations and reduction targets when we ourselves embarked on this journey a few years ago. If a large organisation employing a wide range of skillsets finds the pathway to Net Zero unclear and yearly targets challenging to define, we guessed that smaller business owners might be scratching their heads, too. We hope this toolkit can help other organisations find the information and support they need to embark on their own carbon reduction journey.”

NetZero Toolkit has been supported by a range of organisations, including Baillie Gifford, CityFibre, Dickson Minto, Galbraith, M&G, NatureScot Parabola and Target Fund Managers who are set to be among the first users of the NetZero Toolkit.

In the year of COP2, the UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Glasgow when the eyes of the world’s scientific community will be fixed on Scotland, a country boasting most ambitious climate crisis targets in the UK and leading in the world, NetZero Toolkit takes the business industry one step closer to fighting the climate emergency.

Irene Brown

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