36 Husbands

Not, strictly, a new release, but to the best of my knowledge this latest offering from Bright Blue Gorilla hasn’t had a release in the UK. In fact, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how – or even if – they reach an audience outside of their wide circle of friends and collaborators.

And that’s a shame, because their brand of low-budget, family friendly action comedies sure brighten up these rainy lockdown days. 36 Husbands features 3 female spies – European, ‘cos “British spies are only good in movies” – and their mission to prevent World War III from breaking out. To this end, they must acquire a code that has been divided up and is held by 36 different men. So our heroines set out to get close to the gentlemen in question, and the easiest way to achieve this is by marriage…

And so 80 minutes of inspired silliness ensues. Kung-fu fights where nobody really gets hurt as the ladies move from husband to husband and the action moves from continent to continent. There’s a lineage here that goes back to the Adam West Batman tv series with its knowing camp – all that’s missing is the “Kapow” graphics as each blow lands (softly!) That’s not to say the film is derivative, there’s too much inventiveness here for that, but there’s a definite sense of kinship.

I realise I’ve arrived late to the world of Bright Blue Gorilla, it’s around 30 years since Director Mike Glover and Producer Robyn Rosenkrantz sold up and left LA. Since then there’s been numerous concerts, albums and movies as they travelled the world.

These low-to-no budget epics are made possible as they are collaborative efforts, cast are also crew, and vice versa. Crista Pasch, Roberta Bianchini and Nadine Nourney are the three women who save the world, but I understand that around 300 people were involved in the making of this film, and the evidence suggests that every one of them was having a great time. In addition, Mike and Robyn play themselves in this one, as every time a tv set comes in to view, there they are with the Bright Blue Gorilla Show, which guarantees a kickin’ soundtrack.

Keep calm, and share your bananas.

Jim Welsh

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