National Galleries of Scotland Propose National Art Club Led by Young People

National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) is putting out an appeal to teachers in Scottish schools for help in setting up a national Art Club. They are asking if teachers or pupils have a curiosity about art and want to develop skills in either making or talking about art to get involved.

Art Club will be led by children and young people aged 5-18 years across Scotland, providing themes, resources and an online gallery where children can exhibit their creations.

Teachers and pupils are invited to tell NGS what they would  like from such an Art Club and a questionnaire is available by emailing that will give ideas of what an Art Club could be. 

If any interested teachers or pupils who would like to do any of the following:

Join a virtual steering group to help make decisions about Art Club;

Suggest themes;

Make art and share your creations in the online gallery;

Please reply by 20 November 2020 to

Irene Brown

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