Traverse Theatre Announces Film as Next Production of Year-Round Festival

The Traverse Theatre has announced the next production of its year-round Festival programme – In Someone Else’s Shoes: Edinburgh’s Unexpected Summer. This is an immersive 360 degree film that puts the viewer quite literally in the shoes of a varied range of Edinburgh residents. Using innovative filming technology, it uncovers stories of the city less familiar to visitors, and even many of its own population.  

Produced by Traverse 3, In Someone Else’s Shoesis a concept conceived and directed by theatre, film and VR director Hannah Price andhas been produced in collaboration with creative producer Wezi Mhura.

Using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, you can walk in someone else’s shoes to explore new corners and aspects of Edinburgh life with that unique perspective of looking through another’s eyes. Audiences will walk with six individuals with different relationships to Edinburgh who narrate their journeys through their city especially during the pandemic. The six are – Raphael, a supermarket delivery driver; Susan, a stand-up comedian; Trishna, the Founder of the first Sikh women’s Social Enterprise in Scotland; Markus, the rector of St John’s Episcopal Church,  Jamal, a BLM artist and Sienna, a passionate dancer. 

Hannah Price, creator of the In Someone Else’s Shoes concept and director of the piece says, In Someone Else’s Shoesis an experiment in empathy: 360 video allows viewers to fully enter into another world at another time. With this strange summer forced upon us, I wanted to capture, and allow our audience to enter into, a small snapshot of extraordinary people in an extraordinary city at an extraordinary time. I am so grateful to our wonderful contributors who shared so much with me, and am delighted to be able to continue the project with the Traverse.”

In Someone Else’s Shoes: Edinburgh’s Unexpected Summer will be available from Monday 28 September to Sunday 25 October 2020 as part of the Traverse Festival programme. This event is free to access with audiences encouraged to make a voluntary donation to the support the Traverse Theatre and its work.

Details of currently available events can be found at the Traverse website. 

Irene Brown   

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