Tattie Themed Outdoor, Family-Friendly Event Announced in Glasgow

A project from Glasgow artists Angus Farquhar and Rudy Kanhye, with the intriguing title of An Empty Gunny Bag Cannot Stand,comes to a conclusion at the end of September with a free outdoor event going by the name of The Harvest. Presented by Aproxima Arts and SWG3 on 30 September, and aimed at bringing people of Glasgow together for a special celebration of spirit and community resilience through lockdown, it will be one of the first live socially-distant events in Scotland post-lockdown. With the tagline Grown with love in lockdown, The Harvest is a gift to the people of Glasgow.

Originally planned to take place in the green space that fringes the SWG3 complex, An Empty Gunny Bag Cannot Stand was an innovative growing project that won the prestigious Evening Times Streets Ahead 2020 Community Award, gained national coverage and clocked 100,000 views for its planting day video. It saw 150 brightly-coloured handmade hessian bags filled with soil and a batch of Maris Piper potatoes  delivered to the doorsteps of Glasgow west end communities of Kelvinhaugh and Kelvindale during lockdown. These tatties were grown over the four months that followed and are now ready for the forthcoming event, The Harvest.

During the event, the main yard of SWG3 will be transformed under a huge marquee.   Here, interactive public performance makers, Mischief La-Bas, will deliver a socially-distanced chip production line down a 25m runway, choreographed by Angie Dight.   This will involve chip making in front of a live audience, before the beloved food is delivered to the pop-up chip shop, The Turbulent Tattie. This bespoke chip shop, that  has a hand-painted original mural by local artist Chad McCail, will be run by Glasgow-based Nomad Street Food. 

The event will also showcase a new film from Michael Hunter about the potato harvest, alongside portraits of all the volunteer growers, varying from one to ninety-six years old, photographed by Alaisdair Smith. 

SWG3 Director Andrew Fleming-Brown said, “Angus and Rudy have responded brilliantly to the lockdown situation, finding a truly creative and inspiring way for people to continue to work collectively in isolation. We are delighted to see that the project is continuing and welcome people from across Glasgow to get involved.

“During these challenging times, it’s comforting to see that the world keeps on turning – and that, despite the challenges of social distancing, community spirit has never been stronger.”

The event is designed to strictly follow the Scottish Government’s guidelines. Attendees can expect temperature checks, drink orders online with a built-in track and trace system and one-way system for toilets as well as entry and exit.

Free tickets for strictly up to two households per table, up to 6 people in total, are available to book for The Harvest now at the SW3 website. Audiences will choose one of 3 sessions available on 30 September: 4pm, 6pm or 8pm.

Irene Brown

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