Dance Base Celebrates International Dance Day This Weekend

Dance Base, Scotland’s National Centre for Dance, is inviting everyone to celebrate this year’s International Dance Day on Saturday 29th April and take part in the summer term starting just two days after, on 1st May. Audiences can now choose from over 50 dance classes for people of all ages and all levels of dance experience forming Dance Base’s summer term. The term will run until 24th June and features audience favourites such as Burlesque, Bollywood, Aerial, Tap and Cuban Salsa as well as Irish dance, Musical Madness and Pilates, available as an 8-week course or drop-in classes.

As always, Dance Base provides a range of classes from the youngest aged 3+ to older dancers aged 60+. It also continues its popular Dance for Parkinson’s classes suitable for people with no dance experience, aimed at developing participants’ confidence and creativity, whilst addressing Parkinson’s specific concerns such as balance, flexibility, coordination and gait.

Dance Base CEO Jim Hollington said “International Dance Day provides a fantastic excuse to celebrate all things dance, the joy it brings and the community it helps build. We are honoured and driven to continue to play a vital part in Scotland’s creative landscape which has been under a lot of strain over the past few years. But thanks to the high level of support from our teachers and regular dancers, who helped to make the term we’ve just finished much busier than anticipated, we’re able to open over 50 classes in the summer term.

Our future depends on your support, so I hope you’ll celebrate the International Dance Day with us and sign up to one of our fantastic courses or drop-in classes.”

Dance Base Artistic Director Tony Mills said “We recognise that a dance class can become an incredibly meaningful experience that builds community, creativity, joy and well-being. At Dance Base, I consider us to be in the business of providing this kind of opportunity, so I am happy that we mark this year’s International Dance Day with a new fantastic term of over 50 classes.”

Irene Brown

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