Two in a Barrel Family Show Goes on Tour Across Scotland

Clowning duo Ruxy Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber are taking their fun-filled family show Two in a Barrel on a tour of Scotland this Spring, presented by Scissor Kick!  This vibrant and lively production explores our relationship to rubbish and the environment through physical theatre, clowning and puppetry, investigating how climate change and plastic pollution impacts our lives. Two in a Barrel promotes an awareness of consumerist habits and addresses working together to tackle big climate crisis problems. Exploring their extensive backgrounds in clowning, Ruxy Cantir and Sarah Rose Graber present a production filled with humour, colour and props to engage families in a lively thought provoking story aimed at inspiring action.

By looking at mass consumerism and the destructive effects non-biodegradable waste has on our environment, this Beckett-meets-Pixar show poses questions about the rubbish we produce and invokes awareness and environmental activism. While the climate crisis is quickly becoming our generation’s biggest challenge, it is future generations who will bear the brunt of it.

Ruxy Cantirsays “We are so excited to bring this beloved show to communities in Scotland we’ve not visited yet. We’ve been working on this show before and throughout the pandemic and to finally share it with young audiences and their families means a lot to us. What I find most valuable about this project is offering a space to young ones and their adults to engage with a difficult subject matter in a fun way.  We’ll be visiting a lot of coastal communities across Scotland on our tour where plastic pollution and the environmental issues we refer to in the show are an immediate and visible problem, so this tour feels particularly relevant in starting up some important conversations with wee ones.

Sarah Rose Graber also says “We both have a background in physical theatre, clowning, and visual theatre and knew that we wanted to use these forms as a way of telling this story. The climate crisis is bleak, and by using these styles of performance, it allows for humour and curiosity to become entry points to those conversations. As a duo, we’ve created a wide range of projects together and this one is truly a collision of our creativity, playfulness, and activism”

Two in a Barrelheads across Scotland on tour from their opening night in Glasgow to Orkney thanks to Creative Scotland Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance and Creative Scotland Open Project Fund, Surge, Plutôt La Vie, Imaginate, Platform, and The Touring Network.

Tour runs across Scotland from Thursday 13th April – Sunday 28th May 2023

Running time 45 mins           Age recommend 5 +

Edinburgh date Saturday 15th April 2023 

Edinburgh Science Festival, National Museum of Scotland, Auditorium,

Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF

Irene Brown

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