Feminist Theatre Group Joins with Traverse Theatre for New Quines Cast Podcast

A new podcast series, hosted by writer Hannah Lavery and Caitlin Skinner of Stellar Quines and going under the name of Quines Cast, has been created to bring together intersectional feminist thought, music, theatre and literature.

Traverse Theatre’s Executive Producer Linda Crooks said “We’re delighted to be partnering with Stellar Quines on this important new podcast series, which encourages sharing of thought and opinion across artforms and individuals, in nuanced and enlightening ways. We hope listeners find the reflections and contributions of each guest on this collection of topics mind expanding and eye – or ear – opening.”

Across the series, a wide range of contributors with backgrounds in the arts, academia, health, law and activism share their unique take on some of the big questions impacting women and other marginalised groups today.

The first of the series’ six episodes, recorded live at the 2022 Edinburgh International Book Festival, explores the theme of City, with contributions from crime writer Denise Mina; journalist and author Chitra Ramaswamy; folk singer, songwriter and theatre-maker Karine Polwart, and playwright Sara Shaarawi.

Episodes are free to access and will be released each Tuesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts Stitcher, with a bonus discussion episode in January, A transcript for each episode is also available from the Traverse and Stellar Quines website.

Stellar Quines’ Artistic Director, Caitlin Skinner, said “Given the times we are living through, it felt important and timely to create a space to stimulate debate and discussion amongst those seeking change. To air our thinking around what matters to us most, how we want to live, and the society we want to live in. To bring together the voices we need to hear more from if we’re to change the inequality in the world around us. It was a joy to work with Hannah Lavery to curate and host such a spectacular line-up and we’re already looking forward to developing the next season of Quines Cast”

Full programme is as follows:

2nd November – CITY
Recorded at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Denise Mina

Karine Polwart

Chitra Ramaswamy

Sara Shaarawi

29th November – WILD

Recorded at Jupiter Artland

Amanda Thomson

Kathryn Joseph

Rona Munro

Victoria McNulty

6th December – CHANGE

Recorded at the Traverse Theatre


Hailey Beavis

Kirstin Innes

Louise Welsh

Uma Nada-Rajah

13th December – SUCCESS

Recorded at the Traverse Theatre

Arusa Qureshi

Isla Cowan

Sara Sheridan

The Honey Farm

20th December – HOME


Tim Barrow

Alyson Woodhouse

Kerry Hudson

Marjorie Lofti

Jenn Butterworth

January 2023– Bonus panel discussion episode

Featuring a selection of guests from across the series.

Irene Brown

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