National Theatre of Scotland Presents LIKE FLYING  to West of Scotland Schools

 Following its success in two Scottish secondary schools in 2019, the interactive performance project LIKE FLYING is being brought to Bellahouston Academy in Glasgow and Ardrossan Academy in North Ayrshire in 2022 by National Theatre of Scotland (NTS)  in collaboration with MCR Pathways.  

LIKE FLYING has been designed as a transformative project to enable young people to reach their potential, increase their wellbeing and build resilience. The project invites a cast of 13 to 14 year olds to learn to fly through aerial performance methods. Originally conceived and produced in 2019, the project has increasing relevance to young people today who have been faced with exceptional challenges to their mental wellbeing during the last two years of the pandemic. The project will be in 4 local authority areas over the coming year with over 120 young people taking part. 

LIKE FLYING is led by leading award-winning Scottish artist  and  former Associate Artist with NTS Nic Green, with movement direction by Scotland’s leading aerial dance company All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre,  who create, perform, teach and pioneer aerial arts in Scotland, and  whose work ranges from small scale theatre to large scale outdoor spectacle.

LIKE FLYING takes the form of a residency followed by a promenade performance through the school corridors and multiple spaces both indoors and out, created and performed by the pupils. Weaving through a surreal and dream-like curriculum, young people educate adults in this mirror-image world where roles are reversed, power is flipped and authority is inverted.  

With up to 30 young people from each school being involved in the project, each school has a three-week residency where pupils are trained in aerial performance methods leading up to the public performances including, hoop, aerial cocoon and harness work. The young people will present a series of encounters using these forms, as audiences make their way through the school corridors after hours. As part of each residency, there will also be opportunities for students who are not performing to learn skills in design, sound and event management through their assisting the creative team.  

On an ongoing basis, NTS is working in partnership with MCR Pathways, on joint initiatives that will enable young people to reach their potential.  MCR Pathways CEO, Fay Gingell, says “We are so thrilled to work in partnership with schools and the National Theatre of Scotland to offer the LIKE FLYING programme to young people across Scotland. We know the LIKE FLYING project has had positive impact previously, and that this unique creative opportunity will be enjoyed by all participating pupils. Having the determination to challenge yourself to learn new skills and encouraging young people to maximise their talents are core values of MCR and LIKE FLYING that align very closely.”  

 LIKE FLYING celebrates the ongoing commitment of NTS to working with secondary schools throughout Scotland.

Performances at Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September 2022 and  Ardrossan Academy, North Ayrshire on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 October 2022 

Booking is open now

Irene Brown

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