Dovecot Studios Celebrates Two Diverse Artists in Its Summer Programme

Dovecot Studios have announced their summer programme celebrating the life and work of two major artists practising very different genres: Italian Renaissance artist, Raphael and twentieth century Scottish artist Alan Davie.

Raphael – Magister Raffaello marks the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance master by exploring his life and work (1483–1520) in a landmark digital exhibition and tapestry. The exhibition will premiere in the UK as part of Edinburgh Art Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute and Magister Art.
A multimedia installation, visitors will explore the artistic genius of Raphael and experience recreations of his masterpieces including Madonna of the Goldfinch (1505–6, Uffizi), The Deposition of Christ (1507) and The Transfiguration (1516–20, Vatican).
Inspired by Raphael’s genre-defining tapestry designs, Dovecot weavers will create a contemporary tapestry, interpreting a section of Raphael’s famous Sistine Chapel Cartoon The Miraculous Draft of Fishes (1515-16) (The Royal Collection/V&A). The exhibition opens on 1st July and runs until 24th September 2022.

Closer to contemporary times is a centenary celebration of Scottish artist Alan Davie (1920 -2014) with Beginning in a far-off World that will feature rarely seen works from each decade of his career. Including tapestry and rug created in collaboration with Dovecot Studios, this exhibition is a timeous tribute to one of the greatest Scottish artists of the 20th century.
Alan Davie was a true polymath, working as a painter, jeweller, and jazz musician, and building a multidisciplinary practice which led him to seek out the magic in all his pursuits, particularly in painting. Davie’s multidisciplinary approach is demonstrated through collaborations with Dovecot Studios, of which a tapestry Cosmic Spiral and rug Celtic Spirit II will be displayed.
The only exhibition held in Scotland to mark the artist’s centenary, Alan Davie: Beginning of a Far-off World takes its title from a 1949 monotype that will feature in the show alongside paintings, drawings, and archive material from the private collections of Davie’s friends and peers. Each decade of his creative career will be articulated by a work, from early paintings as a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art to drawings from a series made during the last year of his life.
From 17th July 2022, Dovecot Studios’ Viewing Balcony will also play host to Glasgow’s The Modern Institute;
 Space Forgets You. The exhibition brings together quilts from Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way and artworks from international artists John Giorno, Julia Chiang and Marc Hundley, exhibited within the architecture of Dovecot.
Founded in Glasgow in 1997, the gallery works with 45 internationally established and emerging artists and has several Turner Prize winners on its roster.
Irene Brown

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