Dance Base and Jupiter Artland Announce Residency Programme for Dance Artists

Dance Base, Scotland’s national centre for dance, and Jupiter Artland, the contemporary sculpture park and art gallery set just outside Edinburgh, announce the five artists selected for the Space, Nature, Nurture Winter Residency Series. This new collaborative residency programme offers dance and movement artists a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in and work with the natural and sculpted outdoor surroundings of Jupiter Artland.

Scotland is a hugely diverse and varied landscape that is not only an incredible source of inspiration, but which can also act as a creative collaborator and be a central element of performance work for artists. Jupiter Artland encapsulates the richness of the Scottish landscape, incorporating wild woodland alongside sculpted spaces, so is an inspiring and creative environment for artists. Space, Nature, Nurture is the first collaboration between Dance Base and Jupiter Artland and both partners are thrilled to be able to provide an opportunity for artists working in dance and movement to bring their practice in to this unique environment.

Artistic Director at Dance Base Tony Mills said “Jupiter Artland is an incredibly innovative arts space with a team that is forward thinking. …As we come back to working together creatively, the desire for collaboration and making things happen is so much stronger. This has resulted in this exciting cross-city partnership that will challenge the notions of what dance is and where it happens, and open up new avenues for dance artists and their work. We look forward to creating more opportunities with Jupiter Artland in the future.”

The five artists selected were chosen based on their interest in developing material in, with and in response to the unique natural environment and in collaborating with ecologies as a central part of their work. They are Thomas Goetz, Hamshya Rajkumar, Kate E Deeming, Jennifer Paterson and Simone Kenyon.

Each of the Space, Nature, Nurture artists will receive a fully funded 1-2 week long residency at Jupiter Artland over November and December when the Park is closed, providing them with full and unlimited access to the Artland. As part of their residency, they will each present an element of audience engagement, reconnecting or establishing a link with their audience. These will be delivered in person and online.

This Residency programme has been made possible thanks to funding from the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund and is part of a wide programme of artist support that Dance Base are delivering to support Scotland-based dance artists to return to their practice after the past  18 months.

Director of Jupiter Artland, Nicky Wilson, said “It is an honour to host Dance Base and their Space, Nature, Nurture residency at Jupiter Artland. Working alongside other cultural institutions creates great networks across the city, and the country, which are incredibly powerful vehicles for change. I am a huge advocate for bringing creativity outside, enjoying the outdoors, watching nature, and being inspired by art. …”

Irene Brown

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