Edinburgh Aerial Dance Company Brings Giant Swings to Prestonpans

All or Nothing, one of the UK’s leading aerial dance companies, announces the Scottish tour of their new interactive and family focused outdoor production, The Swings.

The production, that is part aerial duet performed in All or Nothing’s take your breath away style, will be staged on a larger than life swing set, where the audience is  invited to have a swing while listening to a sound installation of memories evoked from childhood when playing on the swings.

Inspired by old playground games and memories, The Swings plays out the dynamic between the two mesmerising aerial artists in a 15-minute choreographed aerial dance duet performed at intervals throughout the day. Using the long ropes and swing seats as their apparatus, the duo will explore this new environment by swinging and jumping;  climbing and hanging; flipping, somersaulting and tumbling their way through a range of stunning tricks as they soar high above the socially distanced audience below.

Following every performance, audiences will be invited to have some time on the swings when old and young can experience the sheer joy of swinging they will be accompanied by a soundscape made up of feelings of being on a swing. Fragments of these conversations, from the company’s friends, family, neighbours and colleagues from a range of ages, can be heard.

The Swings was conceived by All or Nothing Dance Aerial Theatre’s Artistic Director, Jennifer Paterson, who has also directed the production with Nic Green. Jennifer collaborated with the performers, Chrissie Ardill, Claire Crook, Beverley Grant and Danuta Ramos on the aerial choreography. The show has been designed by Becky Minto with sound design by Yas Clarke and was originally commissioned by Imaginate’s Family Encounters and the Merchant City Festival. It has been supported by The Work Room (Glasgow) and Macrobert, with National Lottery funding through Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance.

Jennifer Paterson, Artistic Director of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre, said,  “The inspiration for The Swings came from spending time in a playpark as a mum, being around swings again and seeing how much joy they bring. Swings are so integral to your childhood. They are in almost every park. If you’re lucky you have one in your garden, or maybe a rope swing on a tree. You hang about them as a teenager. The feeling of being on a swing and the excitement of building it up higher and higher never leaves you. It’s such a visceral feeling – the air rushing past your face, the laughing, the rise and fall of your stomach. Will you jump off? How high can you go? What tricks can you do?”

With Scotland opening up for live performance, The Swings will be performed at 23 outdoor venues the length and breadth of Scotland from Lerwick in Shetland to Lochwinnoch Arts Festival in Renfrewshire. Outdoor venues include town, city and country parks and gardens, community centres, an old bowling green, a city centre public square, a rugby pitch, and a car park.

The Swings opens on Saturday 03 July 2021 at Prestonpans Community Centre, Preston Road, Prestonpans EH32 9QS with performances at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:30.

Booking is available via the Brunton Theatre website.

Irene Brown

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