Scottish Ensemble and Social Bite Make a Summer Sandwich with Sound Bites

This summer, two different Scottish organisations, Scottish Ensemble and Social Bite, will team up at the upcoming music festival Live at No.40 to connect the enjoyment of shared food and music in their collaboration called Sound Bites.

Advancing the shared commitment of the two otherwise diverse organisations, Social Bite will be supported with 10% of ticket sales for Scottish Ensemble performances being donated to its work, that helps and supports some of the vulnerable individuals and communities across Scotland and the UK.

Co-founder and CEO of Social Bite, Josh Littlejohn MBE said  “This collaboration will not only be a brilliant celebration of enjoying food, drink and music together, something we’ve all missed over the past year, it’s also an opportunity to bring about real positive change. This fantastic event will deliver funding to our innovative programmes that support people out of homelessness and help them to build independent lives.

We hope everyone who joins us at Sound Bites enjoys the performance, along with our delicious picnics – specifically crafted for this event by our talented kitchen staff of which 1 in 3 have come from a background of homelessness. Thank you for your support and for joining us in our mission to ensure everyone has a safe place to call home.”

The programme will spotlight Scottish Ensemble playing Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, during which audience members can tuck in to a themed picnic box containing a duo of baguettes with two different fillings and, depending on dietary preference, a selection of pies, frittatas, sausage rolls, salads and some of Social Bite’s famous brownie bites.

The Live at No.40 festival runs from 3 July to 1 August 2021 and will be held at Scottish Opera’s Production Studio car park at 40 Edington Street, Glasgow, hence the name!   It will possibly be the first live performance in over a year, so this innovative event that melds two strands of social pleasure, food and music, can prove to be a milestone in our unchartered times.

Tickets are on sale now priced £12 and are available and can be booked online.

Picnics costing £7.99, that are available to reserve till 13th July, should be booked with tickets.

Irene Brown

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