Traverse 3 Hosts The Dream Frequencies

Michael John McCarthy is an Irish-born Glasgow-based musician, sound designer and composer whose name is familiar to Scottish theatre goers as a four times CATS (Critics’ Award for Theatre in Scotland) nominee for Best Music and Sound.

During the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown, McCarthy found himself regularly talking to his friends and family about their dreams and learned that they were getting more frequent, vivid, abstract, confusing, disturbing, and sometimes even liberating. Sound familiar?

These conversations and confessions have inspired McCarthy to explore the world of dreams in a series of interviews with a range of creative collaborators. The result is an original score in three movements going under the name of The Dream Frequencies that is an invitation to tune into an evening of sleep and dreams. This immersive audio theatre experience will  transport listeners into the unknown and unexpected worlds that have been inside the heads of others while they are citizens in the Land of Nod.

Contributors include journalist Peter Geoghegan, comic Mark Thomas, writers Kirstin Innes and Cathy Forde, playwright and nurse Uma Nada-Rajah, poet Tawona Sitholé, storyteller Mara Menzies and theatremaker Isobel McArthur

The Dream Frequencies, that has a transcript that will be available for each episode, is suitable for age 14 +,and is available on demand on Spotify, Acast and Apple Podcasts with full information on the Traverse website.

The project is part of the Creative Community that is Irish Theatre in Scotland series, a Traverse Theatre partnership with the Consulate General of Ireland, Edinburgh.

Irene Brown

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