Scottish Virtual Tour of Distance Remaining from Writer of Islander The Musical Announced

A trio of Scottish actors take on a new work from the creator of the highly acclaimed Islander The Musical, Stewart Melton. The new work, that takes the form of a collection of three theatrical stories made for the screen is entitled Distance Remaining. The three characters, played by Karen Dunbar, Reuben Joseph and Dolina MacLennan, want to embark on journeys of discovery but lockdown means their roads are limited.

Distance Remaining follows their quests to reconnect with aspects of their lives. Volunteer driver Lindsey, played by Karen Dunbar, is on a delivery round that quickly becomes a bolt for freedom; pensioner Jess, played by Dolina MacLennan, is making an epic journey across her living room floor and teenage Cam, played by Reuben Joseph, looks up from his phone at the world around him.

Using multiple digital cameras, Distance Remaining offers a panoramic view of Scotland under lockdown from unusual angles and ten venues across Scotland have united together to present the work as part of a four week virtual tour.

Writer Stewart Melton said Like many, I have often felt marooned this past year, cut off from the people I love and activities that bring my life shape and purpose. Perhaps as a result, I am very curious about how we all differently engage with separation and solitude and find what we need within ourselves and our immediate surroundings. In writing Distance Remaining, I have loved following all three characters’ adventures as they confront, overcome or reconcile with their loneliness – they have helped me feel less alone and I hope they will be good company to others too.”

Distance Remaining has an original soundtrack by Louise McCraw and is directed for the internet by Caitlin Skinner who has also directed NTS’s Scenes for Survival and Lament for Sheku Bayoh. It is supported by Creative Scotland and developed in association with Macrobert Arts Centre.

Tickets are on sale at the Distance Remaining website.

Age Guidance: 14+  Warning: Contains some strong language

Virtual Tour Dates

Macrobert Arts Centre             Wednesday 14th April | 7.30PM  Thursday 15th April | 7.30PM 

Eden Court Theatre      Friday 16th April | 7.30PM  Saturday 17th April | 7.30PM 

Dundee Rep Theatre     Tuesday 20th April | 7.30PM 

Eastgate Theatre            Wednesday 21st April | 7.30PM

The Byre Theatre          Friday 23rd April | 7.30PM Saturday 24th April | 7.30PM

The Beacon Arts Centre           Wednesday 28th April | 7.30PM  Thursday 29th April | 7.30PM 

Mull Theatre      Friday 30th April | 7.30PM  Saturday 1st May | 7.30PM

Lyth Arts Centre           Wednesday 5th May | 7.30PM 

Assembly Roxy   Thursday 6th May | 7.30PM  Friday 7th May | 7.30PM 

Perth Theatre     Saturday 8th May | 7.30PM 

Sunday Matinees – Virtual Performances | 2.30PM – 18th/25th April & 2nd & 9th May 

Irene Brown

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