Edinburgh International Magic Festival 2020 Goes Digital This December

Edinburgh International Magic Festival, aka Magicfest, that was founded in 2010 by Svetlana McMahon and Kevin Quantum, is a not for profit organisaton that promotes magic as an art form.  

Like other arts organisations, Magicfest can’t have live performances so, like many others, is going digital over 5 days in December 2020 with a line-up of local talent, most of whom live in Scotland and are past MagicFest favourites. The line-up comprises Magicfest regular  Gary James’ Magic School and other Edinburgh favourites Magic Gareth and Tricky Ricky, who’ll be performing family shows. Fringe favourites Elliot Bibby and Kevin Quantum join Glasgow based magician Ryan K Davidson and past Scottish Magic Champ Billy Reid for virtual close-up magic performances with the bill being completed by Vincent Gambini whose unique show is performed entirely by telephone.

Kevin Quantum, magician and festival organiser, said “In the midst of everything that’s going on in the world right now, ever changing elf and safety rules, our skills as entertainers are more needed than ever to lift spirits and bring joy to people. So, I’m delighted that we’re able to offer an 11th year of magic to the world, and this year you don’t even have to take off your slippers to enjoy it all!”

This year all tickets will cost £10 ‘per screen’ and we’re offering the opportunity to buy a MagicFest Pass that will let you see all shows in the line-up for just £50 but Kevin Quantum has decided to offer half the tickets for his show The Trick That Fooled free of charge to those who aren’t able to afford a ticket at the moment. Those who would like a ticket need only pay the booking fee of £1 to secure a place.

This digital version of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival will take place over Zoom or by Telephone from the 16th till 20th December 2020. Full details of the programme are on the  Magicfest website.

Irene Brown

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