Crowdfunder Appeal Launched for Travelling Gallery Carbon-Efficient Generator

Travelling Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in a bus that acts as a national service that reaches communities and people, offering an open and welcoming environment across Scotland for people to discover and enjoy contemporary art. The ‘not for profit’ organisation marked its 40th anniversary in 2018 over which time it has brought innovative exhibitions to every local authority across Scotland.

The popular and well-loved service has launched a Crowdfunder appeal to purchase a new carbon-efficient generator after discovering the loss of its old generator at the start of lockdown.

With the commitments set out in gallery’s Environmental Action Plan to the fore and the aim to actively reduce their carbon footprint, the team is seeking to replace the old generator with a new greener model.

The new generator reduces the power output from 12kVA to 8kVA and ensures maximum efficiency by running according to the load demand, e.g. only powering what’s switched on and necessary. Ultimately a new, more efficient, generator would allow a 25% reduction in power consumption by varying its output and only powering what is necessary.

 While at many touring locations the Travelling Gallery connects to mains electricity, a generator is often required to power the bus when visiting rural locations. 

 Claire Craig, Curator at the Travelling Gallery said, “Post-Covid, we want to reopen Travelling Gallery as a greener, more sustainable, organisation which can continue to make art accessible to all. In these unparalleled times it has never been so important and vital to ensure everyone across Scotland gets an equal opportunity to engage with and experience visual art. We cannot make it to the hardest to reach communities without your support.”

Supporters are asked to donate whatever they can afford, with special rewards offered including an artist postcard for donations of £20 or more and for donations over £100, the opportunity to have your name added to the Travelling Gallery bus with a bespoke vinyl on the generator’s hatch door!

Donations can be made via Crowdfunder campaign at the Crowdfunder website  that  stays open until 9am in the 14th September 2020.

Irene Brown  

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