Critically Acclaimed Romantics Anonymous to be Broadcast Live from Bristol Old Vic

Bristol based theatre company, Wise Children along with Bristol Old Vic and New York based theatre company Plush Theatricals, announce the performance of Emma Rice’s musical adaptation of Romantics Anonymous. The critically acclaimed show, that’s based on the charming film Les Émotifs Anonymes written by Jean-Pierre Améris and Philippe Blasband, will be performed at Bristol Old Vic and broadcast live direct to audience members’ homes both nationally and globally.

Following the cancellation of its US tour due to Covid19, the show will now be available to stream as a digital tour between Tuesday 22nd and Saturday 26th September with tickets available from the Wise Children website.

Partner theatres from across the world are coming together in a spirit of co-operation by selling tickets for different nights of the week when the show will be tailored to audiences in different parts of the world with some bespoke local flavour being added before each stream.

 Directed by Emma Rice, Romantics Anonymous is a musical telling the story of Angélique, a gifted chocolate maker who is crippled by social anxiety and Jean-René,   the boss of a failing chocolate factory. Angélique is so timid that she faints when people look at her and Jean-René is so socially awkward that he relies on self-help tapes and is prone to embarrassing sweating. When Angélique takes a job in Jean-René’s failing factory, a fragile love affair unfolds. The result is a funny look at the painfully awkward love story that was so delightfully expressed in the original 2010 French/Belgian film.

Emma Rice said, “I have devoted my life to the live experience and the collective imagination – things that have proved impossible over the last few months. Whilst nothing will be able to replace the thrill of a night out at the theatre, this live broadcast is going to be as close to that delicious experience as we can possibly make it! Live, fresh, fun and intimate, this will remind us of what it is to share stories, hear music, and if true love has its way, even kiss. Imagine that! We are taking the utmost care to protect all of our valued team and, for one week only, we can all experience a live performance again, get lost in a wonderful love story and remember what it was to be socially intimate!”

With rigorous measures in place, such as each member of the company having a Covid test before forming a bubble in Bristol, they will be able to perform the entire show without social distancing.

The world premiere of Romantics Anonymous was originally produced by Shakespeare’s Globe for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse by special arrangement with Radio Mouse Entertainment.

Captioned and audio versions of the production will be available. 

The show will be available to Scottish audiences on Tuesday 22nd September from 7pm and the participating Scottish theatres are the Festival Theatre and Royal Lyceum Edinburgh and Eden Court Inverness.

Irene Brown

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