Scottish Ensemble Invites Help in Creation of a Tumbling Song

Scottish Ensemble is asking audiences, contemporary music fans, those who practice mindfulness, or maybe just experience seekers to join them in creating Tumbling Song, the 14th Sonic Meditation by Pauline Oliveros.

Between March and November 1971, Pauline Oliveros wrote 25 Sonic Meditations. These are instructions that anyone can follow, without any need for a knowldege of musical theory or technical skill. The Sonic Meditations invite you into this heightened state of Deep Listening by paying close attention to your breathing, your body and the sounds around you, and allow you to find new sounds of your own.

Scottish Ensemble Project Lead, Daniel Pioro, said, “Oliveros’ music, perhaps more so than the music of any other composer, feels like it would exist as happily on the top floor of MOMA, as it would in a cathedral. I would like everyone who participates in this project of ours to know that they are vital. They are not casual participants, they are the fabric of this sound artwork.”

To take part in Sonic Meditations, visit the Scottish Ensemble website where you will hear members of the Ensemble’s instruments and voices, you can then follow instructions to join them in making this Sonic Meditation that aims to be a celebration of listening and togetherness through submitting individual sounds.

There is no right or wrong way to listen so the way you respond is unique to you. It gives space to an artistic release of feelings and embodies the power of music in developing a sense of well-being.

So find some headphones, make yourself comfortable and prepare to immerse yourself in sound worlds created through the blend between instruments and voices, the different highs and lows, the dark and the light to find the mix that suits and inspires you.

Participants wishing to add their sound to the performance should submit their response by Wednesday 19 August after which a final mix will be completed and visuals added before it  goes live on the Scottish Ensemble website.

Sonic Meditations and Musical Book Club form part of a new collaborative cross artform project to be announced shortly as Scottish Ensemble’s Digital Summer Season.

Irene Brown

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