Leith’s Citadel Arts Group Goes Virtual

Citadel Arts is a group operating in Leith and working with people of all ages to create theatre with particular attention to older writers. Proving that not all oldies are technophobes, Citadel Arts Group plan to use the app Zoom to continue to connect with their loyal audiences.

With the annual Leith Festival not going ahead, the play that was about to go into rehearsal for the festival, Beyond the Ash Tide by Susan Chaney, has now been adapted as a play for voices, sound and music. Chaney’s play, set in Cornwall in the present day, will be broadcast in three 10-minute instalments on 17, 24 and 31 Aug.

Citadel Arts writers have been set the challenge of creating short new audio plays that confront the reality of life under lockdown with a span of varied aspects. All plays are directed by Liz Hare and sound engineering is by Stewart Emm

Starting on Monday 6th July a new play will be broadcast each week. There will be a link on the Citadel Arts website as well as on their Facebook page. The programme is as follows:

July 6th The Duchess Of Kirkcaldy by Alan Mountford with Mark Kydd.

13 July Leaving This Shore by Vincent Maguire with Adam Tomkins, Laverne Edmonds, Ryaan Ali and Charles Donnelly.

20 July Hard Travelling by Jim Brown with Charlie West, Debbie Cannon, Gregor Davidson and Kirsty Punton. 

27 July The Walk by Elaine Campbell with Elizabeth Millbank.

3 Aug Old Normal by Carolyn Lincoln with Charles Donnelly and Mark Kydd.

10 Aug Planet Gliese 589 by John Lamb with Alison MacFarlane, Gregor Davidson and Mark Kydd.

The plays will remain on the Citadel Arts website after these dates.

Get these dates in the diary for some lockdown theatre from Leith!

Irene Brown

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