Arusha Gallery Reverts from Virtual to Reality

During the Coronavirus pandemic, like so many places, the Arusha Gallery in the New Town, that runs a yearly programme of exhibitions and events, closed. Throughout lockdown, the gallery has continued its exhibition programme using online viewing rooms where its current exhibition Ilona Szalay’s Some Are Born to Sweet Delight, Some Are Born to Endless Night has been on display.

While the virtual exhibition will still be available for those who are not yet able or comfortable enough to pay a visit to the gallery, the space has now been hung with the work to be seen in person until 12 July 2020, with measures in place to ensure social distancing, staff being  protected and a high level of hygiene in place.

Creative Director at Arusha Gallery Agnieszka Prendota, said, “We are thrilled to be opening the gallery with Ilona Szalay’s show, her works are so tactile and enthralling; it feels right that, now again, it is possible for Edinburghs’ public to experience them in their full impact.”

Some Are Born to Sweet Delight, Some Are Born to Endless Night shows a new body of work by Beirut born Szalay on aluminium, glass and paper using a range of media from canvas to tracing paper, LED light to glass. 

Exhibition Dates: 12 June 2020 until 12 July 2020

Arusha Gallery Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 1pm to 5pm.

Irene Brown

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