Stories to Connect Us from Wonder Fools

Like so many other members of the theatre community, Glasgow company Wonder Fools is re-thinking their programme for a new way of working during the pandemic. This week they announce five projects under the name of Stories to Connect Us which is a season of digital work containing three new pieces of storytelling entitled Secret Private World, Home Made and The New Normal. 

From July, a reworked audio version of The Coolidge Effectwill be available online along with549: Scots of the Spanish Civil Warfor a limited time. This will include an explanation from the Wonder Fools Team, that comprises co-founders Robbie Gordon and Jack Nurse, who perform and direct, along with producer Steph Connell, as to why they’ve decided to share the archive footage online. 

Jack Nurse said, “Wonder Fools were set for 2020 being the most productive, far reaching and artistically challenging yet. With the advent of COVID-19, we have put our planned live shows on the back burner and turned our attention to creating digital work that directly speaks to today. At heart, we are a company that tells stories and have always experimented with different forms – Stories to Connect Us is no different…”
From Tuesday 28th July, a new audio version of a play written by Gordon and Nurse of Wonder Fools and starring Jamie Marie Leary, The Coolidge Effect,will be availablefor download. The play explores the impact of pornography addiction on mental health and is based on interviews with porn advocates, addicts, mental health experts and scientists. The new audio version features a bespoke score written by VanIves.

From Tuesday 30th June, a recording of their UK touring play filmed live in an Ayrshire town hall of their 549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War can be seen through archive footage. Celebrating the 549 Scots volunteers who travelled to Spain to fight Franco, the play focusses on four miners ‘fae the ‘Pans’ and suitably opened in Prestonpans Town Hall.

Tickets will be available via the website on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ basis alongside a live Q&A with the creative team. Fundraising around the re-run of 549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War will see 50% of money raised going directly to the cast and creative team behind 549.

It is hoped that this on- line project will help Wonder Fools connect with more of the families of the 549 who were unable to see the original tour and who are invited to contact the team directly to share their stories to add to the company’s growing archive.

Dates for the three further plays, Home Made, Secret Private World and New Normal are to be announced.

Irene Brown

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