Capital Theatres Announce Joy To The Moment

As part of Edinburgh’s Capital Theatres’ Raise the Curtain project, that enables them to engage with people digitally during lockdown, the independent charity has announced a new project inspired by the Covid pandemic. With the affirming name of Joy To The Moment, its aim is to develop films to entertain residents isolating in care homes or for people who are shielding in their own homes.

 The project will take the form of a series of mini performances provided by anyone who would like to get involved.   These will be edited together to create a film for the entertainment of people who can’t get outside during the crisis.

The original idea came from Gracie Irvine, a pupil at The Edinburgh Steiner School, who was concerned about people unable to get out and came up with this idea to provide entertainment for this group. The first video from The Edinburgh Steiner School is available to watch on YouTube.

Recordings of creative outdoor activities, be it music, dancing, singing, poetry, comedy or art, are welcome as they aim to create an outdoor experience for those who are confined indoors just now. Videos from individuals, couples, families and flatmates of all ages and abilities who would like to showcase their talent are encouraged to do so with the proviso that the videos are filmed outdoors. Recordings can be up to 15 minutes long and any digital recording will be suitable including videos recorded on phones.  Selected recordings will be used in a series of films produced throughout the year.

Deadline for applications is Wednesday 1 July at 12 noon. Please submit using #joytothemoment and tag @captheatres or via email at

Irene Brown

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