FLY Launch Online Store to Help Charities

In a new business move, Scottish underground music promoters FLY has launched an on-line store in a bid to support mental health charities, local food banks and the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic. This ‘merch store’ is dedicated to the positivity of house music.

Hats, scarves and tops with logos will go on sale with the vast majority of sales of tees and scarves raising money for mental health charities, local food banks and the NHS, from 100% of the sales profits donated.

FLY fans will already be familiar with the work of graphic designer Ross Paul McEwan who created the tees and scarves designs for the project.

We have no images on this site but for information only:

Music is the Answer Tee will raise money for mental health charities

Support Your Local DJ Tee will raise money for local food banks

NHS Tee will raise money for the NHS

Tom from FLY said, “I’ve been self-isolating for 58 days now and…[it] has been mentally tough. One constant…is house music. The positivity of house and the …core values of the genre…are…: togetherness, unity and respect…I’m so grateful for the music and all the parties we used to attend…”

The FLY Open Air event that was due to take place this weekend (16 and 17 May) has been postponed till September.

Instead they are bringing FLY Live & Direct to at home dancefloors at 3pm on Saturday 16th May and 3am on Sunday 17th May.

See the FLY website for more details.

Irene Brown

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