October House Records Launches

October House Records, founded by Colin Alexander, launches fully on 1 October 2021 with 9 new albums and projects and will run as both a record label and a paid-for subscription streaming and download platform offering a diverse range of material released by its artists, including audio, audio-visual and sheet music and scores.

OHR is dedicated to providing artists with a platform that supports them whilst also giving them access to an international audience; acting as a boutique online record store founded by and for musicians.

OHR seeks to unite audiences of their artists who care about how the money that they spend on music reaches those very artists; in this spirit the company employs a user-centric royalty system with artists receiving 85% of all royalties. 

Audiences can look forward to multiple releases, four times a year, adding around ten new albums and projects to its library simultaneously.  Listeners will have the option to stream all OHR releases for a monthly subscription fee (£7.50) whilst also being able to download EP’s and albums individually for circa £4 and £10 respectively. Special gift prices are available for users who wish to share the gift of quality, curated music with others. A radio channel, playing the entire OHR collection will also be available to subscribers.

On 1 October, OHR will make its first batch of releases available to audiences, featuring new and exciting work from a host of internationally renowned artists.  Jasmin Kent Rodgman’s Triptych, Salamander by Zoë Martlew, Colin Alexander’s Homework, Love Ssega’s Interludes are among the first releases, along with Max Baillie and Leafcutter John who present their latest collaboration, White Space, While Swimming is a light and melodious three-track EP from Héloïse Werner, Max Baillie and Colin Alexander who each devised a personal track exploring the act of sea swimming. 

Kit Downes and Shiva Feshareki have created Stooge, a fizzing and hallucinatory new single that highlights their trademark virtuosity and flare for harmonic and timbral colour.  Ongemang – Live at Spitalfields Music Festival is a recording of a remarkable concert from July 2021 featuring Lauren Kinsella, Tom Challenger, Héloïse Werner and Kit Downes; offering thoughtful and adventurous improvisations that breathe and develop in beautiful and unexpected ways.  David Buckley presents his score for the award-winning film Trees of Peace, reflecting the suffering and resilience of four women from different backgrounds and beliefs that are trapped and hiding during the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

And this is only for starters…

Jim Welsh

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